4-6 August 2017

The pride in driving a peace of history and the enjoyment of driving something different.

The cars of yesteryear linger in our affections,
and a brand-new model tempts us.


Maybe you're in love with an old car.
Maybe you're searching for something different.
Even if your car is just a way to get around ...
This eye-opening show is for you.

See classic cars basking in all their historic glory …
And new models tempting you into the future.

– Classic Meets Modern –

Nostalgia, anticipation, yearning, awe …
Such a range of emotions –
inspired by automotive history and
auto-engineering innovations.

Explore and enjoy the automobile’s rich heritage.
Who knows? You just might find the car of your dreams.

Event Title


Dates and Times

August 4 - 6, 2017
9a.m. - 6p.m., until 5p.m. on August 6


Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex
2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Japan


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Sparking a Renaissance of Car Culture in Japan

The Automobile Council presents the world’s classic and vintage cars within their historical context – showcasing each marque’s unique philosophy and appeal. We also aim to deepen the public’s understanding and appreciation of heritage cars. In so doing, we hope to spark a car culture renaissance in Japan and spur Japan’s automakers to create cars destined to become classics in decades to come.

Enter the World of Historic Motoring

The Automobile Council brings you face to face with the greatest cars of yesterday and the latest cars that will shape tomorrow. Here you’ll have a reunion with that car you wished for in your teens … and the cars of your childhood fantasies. For some it will be the reawakening of a slumbering passion. For others it will sow the seeds of curiosity. Not only will you have opportunities to purchase historic vehicles, but also to talk with the event organizers and participating owners clubs. Whether vintage or state-of-the-automotive-art, the cars on display will offer visitors a priceless experience and open up new avenues of social interaction to enrich your lifestyle.

Where Enthusiasts, Automakers and Dealers Come Together

The Automobile Council was established to fill the need for a cooperative framework bringing together automobile clubs, industry organizations and other stakeholders. Our mission is to create an environment that supports access to, and operation of heritage cars – the fertile ground from which car culture has grown and flourished over the decades. Events like this provide a venue for enthusiasts, dealers and manufacturers to meet and share their experiences, hopes and interests.